Monday, 2 April 2018

Busy yet Frugal

Hi all,
I am still here.
But, the mood to write is not there most of the time.
a longer commute is not really fun. It is stressful.
New workplace and new boss are clearly more stress.
Anyway, the 3 month probation is over.
There was no pay increase or anything when the probation is over. We are talking about working in dental office.
I have reduced my investment activities to once a month.
When I come back in the evening, I am really tired. Then in the morning, it is again back to work.
On top of that, I got a weekend job as well. That makes me really time starved. (The job is very lovely. I enjoy every minute of it.)

But, I still find time to pack my lunch and snacks. No, I haven't got the Netflix. But, I can see myself using the dryer a bit more than I would love to. But, the electricity bill remains almost the same. The plan is to do some planning to line dry clothes.
Travel time is purely dedicated for reading ebooks and meditation.
You may wonder how can somebody do meditation in a crowded train! But, it is actually possible: Just close the eyes and listen to the noises around you. That really calms me down. Another thing is, just listening to the breathing.

Starving for time means you have no time to wander in the mall. That means not spending on unnecessary things.

The grocery shopping is done by my "better half". A lot of cooking is done on Sundays. I can see my co-workers are spending for junk food most of the days.

So how you are doing with life?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hi All,
Can you believe it is middle of March already?
How you are feeling about the time? It is not waiting for anything, right?
In January, I was complaining about no time to do trading during the day. I was told by my readers that after hour trading is not great.
I found out a solution. My account with the bank will let me place the buy/sell in the evening. It will get executed the next day, when the market opens.

So, in February, I bought 96 shares of Power Financial. It is one of the dividend all star companies listed by Money sense.
Great west life is a subsidiary of PWF.
Last year, each quarter they gave 41.25 cents dividend per share. This year dividend declaration date is march 23. I am waiting to see how much it will be.
What do you think of my purchase? Do you own this company?

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Passive Income of February 2018

Hi All,
The blogging is less frequent now. I know, I am not spending much time on the blog now.
My day job is interesting. I can say, I love my work. So, there are no regrets in working. 
The regret is not having a lot of time for blogging. Another regret is not spending much time on house keeping. But, I am still frugal. I pack the lunches. 
One third of the March is done. I haven't posted about my February Passive income. 
Now, here it is: I made $282.21 in February. that is not that bad. But, it is less than the passive income of January

I was reading the post by My Own Advisor about his favourite Canadian dividend stocks.  I own some of those stocks. If you haven't been to that blog, it is really worth to subscribe his blog. By posting his vie points, Mark is really helping people like me in choosing dividend stocks. 

In the next post, I will tell you about what was my newest purchase. 

Hope, you are all having a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Passive Income of January2018

Hi All,
I felt like January was never going to end. But it did and we are in February already.
Life just goes on. Everyday is a new day with new challenges. This year, I am learning to make nice whitening trays. 
Hopefully, I will find more time to spend on blog. 
It is that time to check the passive income. 
Our two TFSAs, RRSPs and one non registered account together blessed me $526.49. 
It is way better than last January
I still pack my lunch to work. Sometimes, I am just lazy and do use the dryer for laundry. 
I forced my husband to clean the Dyson so that it can work more effectively.  The big purchase for myself was a winter jacket. It was on sale. I really needed one and was thinking about it for couple of years. The next big purchase will be a winter boot: I need one with more grip on the ice. 
What is the best time to search for a winter boot? February or March? What you guys think?

Sunday, 28 January 2018

January investment

Hi All,

January is almost finishing. Since I chose to work full time during the week, there is not much time to watch the market.

I found that I can get one Friday a month to look after my investments. 
May be there is a way to do trading after hours. I haven't learned much about it.  Hope, one of my readers will help me to find out that. 

Now, I got a chance to buy Canadian Utilities for my TFSA. For people like me, who are lower income earners, maximizing TFSA is the first thing to do. So, I am concentrating more on my TFSA. The contribution room for this year is the same $5,500. 

Recently I checked my contribution room at CRA website. I have room to add $29,000. 

Let us talk about my investments for January: I bought Canadian Utilities (CU in TSX). 95 shares of CU can bring $133 in dividends . I have another utility company, AQN in my portfolio. I may not add more utilities to my portfolio. 
The next investment is on myself: Few courses from the e-learning category of Toronto public library. They have Safari,, Gale Courses and Mango learning. I am interested in the health care and medical courses offered by Gale courses. That way, I can learn things like handling emergency situations for free of cost. Another course interests me is Pain assessment and management. In the future, as time permits, I would love to learn about meditation techniques too.

What do you think of my recent investments? 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Smarter Faster and Better : is that possible?

Hello All,
We are all in a world competing to get things done faster and better. We want to do things smarter than the person next to us.
Then, we are stuck with the sayings like " slow and steady wins". But, still we wanted to finish things faster and more effective.
I wanted to do things faster and accurate at my work place. 

Most of the time, we consider dental treatments are health care service. But, in the end, it is a business. The office has to make money to pay for every one working there. The bills are to be paid. The suppliers are to be paid. Then there should be left over money for the continuous running of the office.

As a dental assistant, I have to be smarter to hand out instruments and materials to the dentist while maintaining a dry environment for the dentist to work. Then, the assistant has to be faster and thorough in sterilizing the room, instruments and prepping the room for the next patient.  

So, when I saw the book titled" Smarter Faster and Better: The secretes of being productive in life and business" by Charles Duhigg, I wanted to read it.  I got it as ebook format and read it on my phone. 

The book is filled with stories of successful people. If you have set a goal and you can answer why you set that goal, then you will have more chances in achieving that goal. (is that a secret?)

Another tip I remember is to have a mental picture of the steps you need to do to get things done. That particularly helpful in my job. If I can keep moving in a planned method to clean up the room after treatment, I can be faster. The mental picture help me to to set up the room for each procedure effectively. 

Some of the tips in the book can be effectively used to save and invest too. It is more pleasant to buy things that we cannot afford and put them on credit card. If you know why you are saving money, then you can stick to your plan. You can break down your saving goal in manageable chunks so that you can reach your final goal one day. (Not a secret, right?)

Duhigg says the successful people study failures of other people. But in the book, I didn't see failure stories. The book is very engaging with its stories. 

Remember that Duhigg is a journalist and not a psychologist. There are no big secrets revealed in the book to be smarter, faster and better. Still, you can enjoy the book and may get one or two points to take with you. 

If you just don't have the time to read the book, but wish to get a summary of it, you can have it on Sam Thomas Davis's website. 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Let us go to Wlmart

Hi All,
I was a bit reluctant about going to Walmart all the time. But, life happens and I want to get things I want for better price. 
Walmart happens to be just that. If you need to get grocery or household cleaners or paper products, Walmart is right around the corner. Even the brand name thigs are being produced in China or Bangladesh. 
Then, why not just go to Walmart, right? I still don't buy the nuts and chips from their Bulk Barn style bins. Most of the people I know are buying things from Walmart anyway.
So, let us go to the Walmart!
That is what I did on my investments. I bought 12 shares of the company at US$ 99.21/share . It was paying quarterly dividends of 0.51/share. If the company pays the same amount of dividends, then, my income will be increased by $24 by end of this year. 

When the disposable income shrinks, people tend to shop more at Walmart. They offer items at lower prices. With so many stores, there is no wonder they can get things at lower prices. Some articles mention the company as recession proof investment. I might buy more shares later in the year. 
What do you think of Walmart stores?