Monday, 15 February 2016

Goals and money secrets

My co-worker drives a Lexus. She has $300 watches. Yes, watches, more than one. Then she owns designer handbags and other nice pretty things.
We happened to talk about RRSP and she told me she don't have money to invest. How that is possible, right? I am an assistant and she is a hygienist making almost double my income. 
Then I came to know, she has leased the car. The insurance payment is on her too. The student loan has to be paid. She has credit card debts too.

So, what is the secret of having money ?
There is no secret: Just spend within your limits, meaning, spend less than what you make. Many personal finance bloggers will assure you that is the real secret to having more money.

I take the bus usually. So, my transportation cost is less. (The bus fair went up $0.25 in 2016, but my wages didn't).

Since it is the coldest weekend so far in here, we didn't go out. That means home cooked meals and no spending. That is great and healthy too.

Couple of years before, I bought a clothes drying rack for $30. Ever since, I use that to dry most of the clothes.

Cooking is taking a lot of energy too. We try to cook at the off peak times to save on power.

 Since the electricity charge is up this year, my goal is to keep it less than $65 per month. 

I am looking forward to make more changes to consume less and be happy.Do you have any ideas to share?

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