Sunday, 28 February 2016

Saving money with Naturally Imperfect

Canadians are really feeling the pain of high grocery prices. On top of it many companies are laying off work force. What can we do to cope with the higher grocery prices?

We reduced meat purchases already. We buy the reduced to clear meat some weeks. Then stretch the meat by adding potatoes, carrots and other veggies to it. The clearance isle meat has to be cooked immediately after purchase. (I don't like to freeze that).

Since Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills now has a new line called "Naturally Imperfect", we buy that too. I tried potatoes. It was fine. Then we bought apples. One bag of apples was enough for both of us for a week. This week I have Naturally Imperfect apples and carrots.

The apples in the bag are different sizes. Some very big and some small. They are crispy and feel fresh. The carrots have nice color. Some have funny shapes. I tell you, they taste good and fresh.

I saw people are buying them. I read on a blog, saying the blogger was pointed towards the expensive apples when she was buying some similar produce. We didn't have that experience. May be Torontonians, especially the No Frills shoppers like to get a good deal on produce.

What do you think of  "Naturally Imperfect" brand?

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