Saturday, 27 February 2016

Toronto Public Library and lost loonie

I love library. The Toronto Public Library is amazing. They have about 100 branches in this big multi cultural city. I can borrow about 50 books at one time. They have amazing magazine collections. Then movies and music in several languages. 
It is like a dream for a book lover. 
Library has option to place "hold" on books. It can be done online too. When the book comes to your home branch you will be notified, either by phone or by email.

Now, TPL even offer overdrive books. They have Safari for business books, Zinio e-magazines, Hoopla digital music, e-audio books etc. 

The physical books can be borrowed for 21 days. The digital books can also be borrowed for 21 days. The difference is physical book you have to return to library. The digital books will vanish automatically. In winter, I am really lazy to go out. So, I prefer to get overdrive books. 
When the outside is more pleasant, I love to have weekly trip to library. Holding a book/magazine in hand is more pleasing than reading online.
I was surfing some blogs online and came across a good review about a book. I really wanted to read it. So, like most Torontonians, I checked TPL website. Happily placed a hold to pick it up from home branch.

When I placed hold, the website clearly told me if I fail to pick up when it becomes available, I will fined a dollar. I was so sure that I will pick it up or cancel the hold if I can't pick up in time. 

Life happens, days got busy and I completely forgot about picking up the book. When I was placing a hold on another book recently, I realized I have fine :( . 

Of all the frugal things I am doing to save money and I lost one dollar because of stupidly forgetting... The dollar suposed to be got invested ...

It is just a dollar, you may think. A dollar here, a dollar there, you can easily waste hard earned money so easily. 

A reminder to myself, to be careful about simple things like placing hold on a library book.
Do you have a similar story? How you forgive yourself for such mistakes?

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