Thursday, 3 March 2016

February in a glance

The leap year February was the hardest February ever for Pellrides.
It challenged us to reduce spending out of necessity. It motivated hubby to look for jobs all over the places. It challenged me to have hard look on bottom line and forced me to learn about finances.

The total spending on grocery for the month was $219. We started buying food once a week. I have to admit that we had a lot of lentils and legumes from previous month. So the expense on food may not be correct. Then the utility bill came to $66. I think, I cannot reduce it any further. 

Since hubby was expecting to get interviews, we invested in a set of clothes for him. He hadn't got any yet. Then we decided to spend some money on his certifications. That can be considered as an investment, right?

We took over draft protection from the bank. Now, I am working on to cancel that one. The OD protection costs us $4/month. We were good in having the balance to pay the bills in time. If  everything goes well, we will be able to cancel that in April.

I am spending more time on reading blogs like Canadian Couch Potato, Mr. Money Mustache, My own advisor etc. I urge you to have a look on those blogs, if you like to invest for the future. 
How was your February? Did you put money in RRSP? 

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