Friday, 4 March 2016

Reducing one paper towel at a time

I used to have paper towels in kitchen all the time. It was very convenient. Very tempting to take a new one for each small spill and toss it out.
We used to buy them in bulk from Costco. then stumbled on the never homemaker website. With an article on banishing paper towel, I was thinking, I can do that. There are plenty of small towels in the closet(from my mindless spending days). Stop buying paper towels and that money can be used to other necessary things like food. Will it save the world? Honestly I don't know. 

So, I cut some old cotton T-shirts in to manageable squares and added them to the towel stash, which is kept above the small place on top of the stove.

Now, cleaning the kitchen is easypeasy. To keep the dirty ones under the sink, I found a plastic tub. (No new purchase here). 

It is not that hard. Not very inconvenient either. One more thing is off the kitchen counter is an added advantage. 

Are you ready to go without paper towels? At least to reduce the use?

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