Friday, 18 March 2016

Update on DIY detergent

You know that I was having trouble in making laundry detergent at home.
Still not made it.
I bought Borax from Walmart. Then, happened to see the same brand, and same quantity is available at Food Basics for about a dollar less. Since it was a cold day and we drove so many places, I decided not to return the pack to Walmart.
There is no washing soda in Walmart, Canadian Tire or Food Basics. Oh, I checked the Bulk Barn too. They don't have it either. The label on Borax says it can be added as a detergent booster. 
We bought a cheap laundry detergent on sale less than $5 from Food Basics. 
I used the detergent along with borax to wash the towels I use in the kitchen. My top loader machine worked just fine. The towels came out fine. But, some persistent yellow stains didn't go. 
Things I learned:
1. Washing soda is not available in any nearby stores.
2. Borax can be used to clean many things.
3. Many people in Toronto never heard of washing soda.

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