Sunday, 17 April 2016

Doing laundry frugally

Everybody in North America has washer and dryer, I assume. In Toronto, it was illegal to have laundry line outside. Few years back, I came to know that we are allowed to dry laundry on a line outside. The law got amended. 

So, you may think, I can line dry my laundry. But I can't. We live in a condo. The condo rules clearly says no clotheslines on the balcony. It is Canada anyway, and you can do line drying only for few months. But, I got around it.

We have a drying rack, bought from Costco several years before, when we were living in an apartment. When we bought the condo, I was using the dryer all the time. Reading all the frugal tips and Green blogs, I wanted to change my habit. 

As an experiment, I hang clothes on the rack, in the living room at night. It was in the middle of the winter, and our heating was on. In the morning, all the items were dry. That was an Aahaa moment. After that, my dryer is used only to dry the towels and bed sheets. 

Line drying makes the clothes last longer. That is a great advantage for those of us trying to reduce spending. 
Obviously, line drying means not buying fryer sheets. With my DIY laundry detergent,the cost of laundry can be reduced more. 

One of my friends told me she just put the line dried clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes, and fold them right away. That eliminates the need for pressing clothes. 

Any other tips for saving doing laundry? 

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