Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Drinking only water saves money

Water is cheap. Yes, I am living in that part of the world where tap water is safe to drink. Some places, people are not that lucky. They have to buy bottled water.
Are we using this water carefully? Some people still get bottled water to drink. Comparing to other options like juices and soft drinks, it is still cheaper.
Water is flavourless. So it won't affect the taste of the food we are eating.  That is good if you don't like to have sugar to change the real taste os your food. 

Sometimes I get soft drinks along with a combo, when I eat out. The food and the drink together will be too much calories for sure. Usually, I keep the can of pop and take it home. The carbonated drink can cure my cravings for eating out a later day.

The soft drinks have a lot of sugar, just like juices. Both can cause acid erosion to teeth. Erosion of teeth will give severe sensitivity to teeth, especially the anterior ones. Fixing that will cost money. Think about the other health problems like diabetics. 

But think about just water. It is plane, simple and boring. I might add a lemon wedge to it some time to get some taste. 

Think of not buying combo at fast food restaurants. Instead of a big Mac combo, we can order just the sand witch. May be add a small fry to it. But skip the drink. That is still cheaper than buying the combo.  Drinking just water will reduce the calorie intake too. 

Drinking water before and during the meals will makes us feel fuller, and there by reducing the food intake. You may experience some weight loss.

When we go for long trips during summer, I like to freeze my water bottles overnight. Some cold water to use in the beginning of the trip and the frozen bottles are to keep the food cooler. When the day heats us, the water melts and still be cold enough to drink. 

You will find that you are not spending money on soft drinks any more. May be a water bottle and tap water will help to keep few bucks in the pocket. Then think of the added advantage of having better teeth and better health. 

So, do you agree that drinking only water is frugal?


  1. Water is definitely frugal and a healthy choice. Mr. Groovy drinks tap but I don't like the taste. I buy the cheapest distilled water I can find. It costs $2-something for 24 small bottles.

  2. Yes, water is still cheap and healthy. You can try Brita filter to filter the tap water. I like to add a small piece of cinnamon stick to the boiled water and let it seep for some time in a flask. It will have a mild aroma.


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