Friday, 1 April 2016

I really got Fooled

I have to admit, I was being careful not to get fooled today. Shame on me... I got fooled by my favourite blogger, by his post about not being frugal any more. 

I was reading with great surprise... and thinking, he is going to stop his blogging soon. 

Then there it is.. April Fool!!!

He is still frugal and going to continue with blogging for sure. Yes, Mr.MoneyMustache is going to keep his mustache. His blog gives him a lot of money, according to him. 
Big number of people are reading and commenting on MMM blog. It is really amazing to read. Many people get encouraged by MMM to be frugal and to retire early. 

Are you a fan of Mr.Money Mustache?

Did you get fooled today?

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