Friday, 1 April 2016

Less spending

The spending less to survive is on the 4th month.  Have you ever tried "no buying day" ? It can be hard some time, especially at the beginning. There will be some essential things to buy. Then for the sake of not buying, it is just fine to postpone it for next day.

Not buying anything other than essentials for a month? I tried that. First month was fine. The second month bit more difficult. Third month, I felt like deprived. Then by the beginning of forth month, I am just fine. 

The big purchase was for a cell phone for hubby. Just got it done yesterday. It is an LG phone from Wind Mobile. He want to have data. They were having a sale till yesterday. I am not that sure how it is going to work out. But, it is going to be an extra $40 expense per month. Many people says Wind gets a lot of dropped calls and all. But, we are in the city. It might be just fine. I will update about the phone in coming posts. 

Hopefully, there will not be other major expenses tis year. Ooops... Dear daughter is asking for a new phone. Her phone is really a mess now. I told her last year to have a new phone this year. So, that has to be done before the end of summer.

Have you ever tried to cut back on spending? Was it out of necessity or just for fun? How that went?

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