Monday, 11 April 2016

Little pleasures of life

It was snowing yesterday night. Hey, it is April. Still...
Then it was raining when I woke up. All the snow is gone. There is no bright sun. It is a dull, cold grey and depressing day.

Every awaken moment forces me to stay home. It will be comforting to stay home... 

But, the responsibilities of life says to go to work. Some of the little pleasures in the life I don't want to give up yet. So, the work is important. 

Do you know dental assistants don't get paid if they take off? (I also don't get paid when my boss takes a day off)

I can live without going to get my nails done: Can live without getting facials: No nail polish is not a big deal. But, the moisturizing cream, a must for life.  I can cut my own hair with the help of youtube videos. But need to colour my hair once a month to hide my greys.

Many people can live without paper towels. I am doing that too. Still not ready to use handkerchief when I have a cold. I feel it yuck to place a mucus socked handkerchief in the washer with other clothes. 

On the frugal forums women were suggesting to use cloth instead of the feminine hygiene products. I am not ready to use a diva cup or reusable things for that either. Call me not a green person... not frugal enough... or just lazy...I like having money to spend on that.

I like to have one coffee with sugar and coffee-mate, made at home using instant coffee. Love to get that big tin of coffee whitener from Costco. That is my little indulgence.

So, what are your little pleasures of life, that you don't want to give up?


  1. Although I am a Diva Cup user and happily so, I do like to buy good quality loose tea, make it in a Frencg press, and drink it with cream and sugar.

    1. Tea with cream and sugar will be a great treat. Thanks for visiting.


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