Sunday, 10 April 2016

March Recap

Yesterday, I was at "shepicksuppennies" blog. Then went to see the comments and got to Half-Banked. Des was saying she was able to save half of her pay check. I am not trying to save that much. Reasons: a).My income is less than average( Less than $18/hour, even though ODAA says average wage per hour is $22) and no benefits 
b). My hubby is on EI. 

So our family goal is pay the mortgage without defaulting and pay all bills in time. In a nutshell, we are trying hard to avoid making any debt. 

Just looking on March spending, I am happy we, two people spent less than $180 on food. The big expense was property tax, which I opted to pay in three instalments, instead of 12. 

The total expense is not over the income we made. That is one happy news!!!!  Anything left over is a great bonus. Since hubby is still on job search, we are very concerned about debt.

Survived March without adding any debt and paying all credit cards in full. Woohooo!!!! Good for us.

How was your March? Were you able to achieve your goals?

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