Wednesday, 13 April 2016

May be a awkward

There are so many blogs out there written by frugal people. So, I thought being frugal is awesome. 

When I stumbled on this article, I thought, people I know don't think me as awkward.  Now, I am getting worried that I might be a bit awkward in their eyes. 

I don't do my nails. Dental assistants are not supposed to have long coloured nails anyway. So, my nails are really short and trimmed all the times. That is a professional excuse????? Anyway, no one told me right on my face the hands are ugly.

Then, the eyebrows... I pluck them when I feel they are very untamed. Still, just DIY, not a proper way. Most of my fellow dental assistants have eyebrows done at the saloon and they look nice. I cannot be bothered to go and get it done. Guess, it is just being lazy to make an appointment and go there in time.  Might be awkward, right?

Then, the hair.... The long layers on the hair is done myself. There are helpful youtube videos about cutting your own hair. Easy one is layers and blunt cut. Love both styles. One time told people I did it myself and they were amazed at how... Most people find great recipes on you tube, but never looked for hair ideas, it seems. 

Then the grocery shopping: seems like they have a menu, then make a list and shop. I buy things according to my budget and make the food with what is available. 

I am not great in finding coupons. Most coupons are for things and brands I don't buy usually. Stores give sale on processed foods which we don't usually buy. 

I buy frozen vegetables and many people think it is not good. I might be awkward, but I love to get frozen veggies on sale. 

Then, I do have RRSP. Some people think it is awkward that I will not get government benefits when I really retire. 

I use my clothes few years before throwing them. Things in my closet are really getting used. There is nothing with tag on. One time I mentioned that I got an expensive item and it costs $40, the listener asked me where I got that cheap... Awkward???????

But, I can assure you that no one ever asked me if I needed financial help. That is really awesome!!!!! 

So, what you think? My life is awesome or awkward????


  1. I buy frozen veggies too. I especially love frozen broccoli because I can't stand the smell of fresh broccoli when it's cooking. And I'm terrible with coupons too.

    1. I read that frozen veggies are not losing any nutrients. But many people believe they are secondary to fresh in nutrients.


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