Wednesday, 20 April 2016

One new frugal project

It is an amazing week! Glad that I have work, and still have time to read and write.

I was not particularly looking for a new frugal project. But, sometimes, necessity can be the mother of invention, right?

Thing is I am going to run out of my body wash soon. Yes, really going to run out! 
I found some DIY body wash recipes online. Everything calls for Castille soap. I found it on But, hubby says to go to the shop and buy. Think, I saw it in the Bulk Barn. 

Since the shopping day is Saturday, and this is the middle of the week, I don't wan't to think of going to store.

Then, there are ideas about turning Dove beauty soap into body wash. I don't have Dove soap at home. But, I happened to have two bars of Ivory soap bought for my laundry detergent project.

I am going to try dissolving in some water. Right now, the 3.1 ounce bar is resting in 12 ounces of water. It is getting dissolved slowly. I am going to fill a container and to see how it works. 

I will buy castille shop in near future though. 

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