Friday, 8 April 2016

Tracking the spending is...

Ever since I started this blog, me and husband wanted to write down the spending.
You may be doing it already. 
It seems easy , because, we do grocery shopping once a week. The bills are paid online. Only have to track the grocery and other credit card or cash purchases.
We created a spread sheet and enter the total spending of items like food, gas etc after each event occurred.
Last week, after the grocery shopping hubby forgot where he placed the bill. So, we kind of procrastinated to enter it. Aftercouple of days, it got forgotten.
Now it is Friday again and both can't remember how much was last weeks expense.  Oops...
This week we are trying to look on the bill and to text each other how much it is. 
What you are doing to track your spending? Any idea will be very useful.
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  1. Hey, DA. Tracking spending isn't fun. Mrs. Groovy and I have run into similar problems in the past. One way we avoid missing spending items is to set up a spreadsheet in Google docs. This way we can enter an expense right away on our cell phones. It's a little bit of pain, but it definitely cuts down on the number of spending items that failed to get logged. We also use our cell phones to take notes. For instance, if we tip the help at a Dunkin Donuts or a frozen yogurt place, that dollar or two won't be on the receipt. Adding it to our notes app makes sure we won't forget about when we're logging our expenses later.

    1. Thanks for suggesting Google docs. Just going to try that. Notes on the cell phone is a very useful feature.


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