Monday, 4 April 2016

Using What You Have and the 100 thing challenge

We all have a lot of stuff. When we feel like the income is stable, and see things at the shop, we will buy to use them. Most women like to buy cleaning stuff, cooking items, plates etc. I am not an exception.

Last week I stumbled on the book, "The 100 Things Challenge" by Dave Bruno at the Toronto Public Library. He was living with only 100 things for an year. The book motivates me to start looking at how many things I have.
  There,in my den, these products...Swiffer dusters, Swiffer dry mop refills, a bottle of Lysol etc.  I have an extra set of 6 plates. I thought the sugar was finished and bought a pack last week. But, there is 2 kg of sugar still in the pantry. I feel lucky not to have that many stuff like Mr.Bruno mentioned in the book. But, we still have a lot of stuff.

So from April 1st onward, I started dusting as a morning ritual. It just take about five minutes just to dust of the cupboards in living room and bedroom along with the back of the furnitures. 
Then, I found a spray bottle full of granite cleaner. So, it will take another two minutes to just wipe the kitchen counters using a reusable kitchen towel. 
When these things are finished, I am not planning to buy more. Might have one product to clean everything or will do some DIY to make my own. 

Once I started the simple cleaning ritual, my home looks more welcoming. I feel happy. So I am planning to add more to the cleaning rituals slowly. 

The next in to-do list is to start getting rid of the unwanted stuff. 

Have you read the book "The 100 things challenge"? Will you be using up your stuff you already have?
What do you think of using up what you have not buying them anymore?

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