Monday, 18 April 2016

Why I like to keep working

When I started reading personal finance blogs, I stumbled over some of the early retirement blogs too. Many personal finance bloggers have a financial background. 

The early retirement blogs like Mr.MoneyMoustache and Early Retirement Extreme are very interesting to read. Mr. Moustache is still working on projects he like to do. He is basically an engineer, which he is not doing now. Jacob of Early Retirement Extreme has a Phd. They love to have money in the bank and spending their time on their passions. 

I work as a dental assistant. I an immigrant to Canada. In the beginning of my work life, I didn't like the work at all. Mainly because of the attitude of dentists towards dental assistants. Now, looking back I think, it was the learning curve. 

Now I don't regret about being a dental assistant. To tell you frankly, I found enjoyment in the work. I see many people. Some dentists like the assistants talking to patients. Some don't. It is great to observe people and how they react to being in the office. It is also interesting to view the dentist's reaction to each patient. I can predict the mood of my boss by looking on the face, which is usually covered by mask.

I can see that people are scared of getting a cleaning done. I observe how the dentists tackle the challenging situations. Sometimes, people just open up to the assistant. I like to be the ear for their concerns. 

I am not sure the patients are going to remember me after the treatment. But, I feel glad that I was able to help the dentist deliver the treatment faster. 

Another pleasant thing is giving post op instructions. I love to give oral hygiene instructions. Some dentists don't let the assistant do it. They wanted to take their own X-rays and have the control of everything. Then there are fun with the co-workers, about silly things went wrong and the boss or patients reacted to it. 

I love the work and it is a pleasure to be competing with myself to do things fast and efficiently. So, early retirement is not what I am looking forward to. 

Hating your work is easy I think. Finding enjoyment in your work takes an effort. We need to look deeper in the work and its effect on other people. In a nut shell, when we see the bigger picture, the life will be happier.
Do you agree? What you think?

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