Friday, 6 May 2016

Alberta Fires And Lessons

Canadians are feeling the pain of Fort McMurray. The roaring fire made people run for their lives. 

How they are going to survive....

The images on TV are hard to watch. Can anybody be prepared for this sort of disaster?

The houses are gone...The belongings are gone...

Can we survive that kind of tragedy?

We can have an emergency fund. Should we keep it as cash or in the bank?

I am not sure. When the real emergency comes, we need some cash. I would prefer to have a $20 minimum in the purse all the time.

We all keep our cell phone with us all the time. I would like to keep my debit card along with the phone.

The Canadian government is matching the amount of donation made to Red Cross Canada. The donation has tax advantage too. I did made a donation to Red Cross.

Many people are giving free gas, water and food for the evacuees. The generosity of people is amazing!

The Canadian Government is matching the individual charitable donations made to Red cross Canada.  i made a donation to Red Cross. It is amazing to know that Tangerine is also matching up to $50,000 donations made to Red Cross.

What you will do to help people of Fort McMurray?

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