Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Colouring hair Frugally

You know, at one point in time, we all start seeing those grey hairs. Then all of a sudden you have a new expense: cover the grey.
So, what can be done? Going to saloon can cost about $50. Then depending on the length of hair it can vary. While at the saloon, we will be tempted to get those sexy highlights of lowlights. That will be more expensive as you all know.

I usually don't go to saloon. I tend to cut my own hair and pluck my own eyebrows. Sometimes I treat myself to a homemade face mask too.

To cover my greys, I buy the DIY hair colour from drug store. I usually buy when my colour is on sale. You know, I don't stick to one brand. Whichever is on sale and is my colour, I buy. It will be matching to my natural hair hair. It usually costs less than $10. 

You have to be very careful when mixing the colour and applying it. You don't want splash of colour on your vanity and bathroom floor.

I keep the weekly flyers and free newspapers to cover the surfaces of the bathroom. Place a few on the vanity top too. Oh, and make sure you have a specific old gown or dress to wear on hair colouring session alone. I also keep a separate towel for my hair.

Put the colour on as per the instructions. Wait for the colour to set according to the instructions too. Now hair is ready for washing. I wash my hair in the kitchen sink, which is steel. So the hair colour don't stick to that. Once the water is running clear, you can use the conditioner came with the box. Yes, that is all people! My colour will last for about a month. 

 I don't wash my coloured hair every day. Usually 2 or 3 times a week is good for me. That time I use my shampoo and conditioner. 

Do you have any other frugal method to colour hair?

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