Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Finacial Independence, One Dollar at A Time

Everybody want to be rich. We all need to get richer faster. How to do that is the question.

So many experts have showed us how not buying Starbucks  every morning can be added up and to make us rich.
The funny part is I don't even buy a Tim Hortons coffee everyday. People like me are making coffee at home or keep some instant coffee powder at workplace to make a coffee in the microwave.
So we are not getting richer....

We all heard the saying Rome Was not built in a day. I am thinking that will be true with finances too.

By not eating out often I can see a few dollars still in my purse at the end of the week. By walking to work, I can save about $2.80, that is the cost of a token. It usually take about 30 to 40 minutes of walking. By doing so for 3 times a week, I can save  $8.40. Oh, and 1.5 hours of exercise too.

That is a good amount of money now and I feel good about taking care of my health too.
So, I am going to put that money in my TFSA. It is getting me a bit closer to my goal of maximizing the TFSA account.

Some people tell us the a dollar here and a dollar there is not getting us anywhere.   Minding big amount of savings is the only thing matter. To me it is like one step at a time to reach the destination.

So what is your strategy  to gain financial independence?

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