Friday, 13 May 2016

Frugal projects update

The week is over. Waiting for the weekend... 
The week went just fine. 
I learned that celery can be grown from scraps. Many websites are there to tell you celery can be grown from the scraps. So, I really want to see.
Placed the bottom of the stack in a bowl of water. After 4 days, I can see there is a tiny growth in the middle. 

I also heard from Summerscares blog is an epic failure. 
So, I am not having high hope on this one.

My Orange peel vinegar is looking good. I got about half bottle of orange  smelling vinegar . Tried it on the mirrors. It is great. I am very careful with granite counter top. No vinegar on granite or marble. 

My Castile soap from from Amazon is still waiting for a project. Yesterday I grated the whole bar. Thinking of making liquid soap from that one. 

But, my body wash project is not giving me great results. After I added more water to it, it is very runny. I can't wait to finish it off. 

I just found out I have two more packs of Elezabeth Arden perfume. Those were gifts. I will use it up before buying new ones. 

I was thinking of using my Bread machine. It was kept away for some time. Bad for me, when I tried to use it the paddle is missing.
Any way, I used up the flour using Jamie Oliver's basic bread recipe.  the bread was fine. Now, I am on the look out for making bread with about 250 grams of flour.  May be I can use half amount next time. 

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