Monday, 30 May 2016

Frugal shower cleaner

I used to have Tilex. Yes, the big bottle of Tilex came with two spray bottles. It was not giving me the results I was expecting. One spray bottle broken when it was only half way through. Yes, it was the good old days, I was willing to try every new product to have a sparkling home. Not any more.

Since the time is very limited, and me being sloppy at housekeeping, the shower stall door was getting a lot of soap scum. The tiles were getting ugly. Once in a while, I tried to scrub it out with a brush and soap.

Then I subscribed several blogs to reduce spending and to save up money. One of them is DIY Natural. com. When I saw the homemade shower cleaner, I really wanted to try.

Ingredients were just simple: White vinegar, Dish soap and essential oils.

I have my Orange Vinegar. I have Palmolive dish detergent. One cup white vinegar, one tablespoon of Dish detergent, and 3 drops of citrous essential oil( that is what I have). Put in a spray bottle. Shook well. Used it today itself.

I sprayed it on the shower walls and the glass door. Left it for about 10 minutes. Then wiped down with some old cloth. My glass doors were (I really think, they are plexi glass) so covered and you could see the deposit on them before. Now it is looking clear again. There was this little bit of vinegar smell combined with citrous. It was not bothering me.
I saw some black spots on the tiles while spraying. But it came off when I wiped it.
It is one good cleaner and I am happy the way it worked.
I love to keep the spray bottle with the vinegar mix in my bathroom, under the sink. There is a box of rags I made from old cotton T-shirts too. So, for the time being, there is no more excuses, but to keep the shower nice and sparkly.

Do you have any other DIY product you use at home and happy about?


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