Monday, 9 May 2016

How Prevent spending when you are tired

It was a long day. I was walking a lot in the down town. 
By the time everything is done, as I supposed to, it was getting dark. I didn't even have enough water during the day. 

A seat in the bus made me realize how tired and hungry I am....
Too bad, I didn't have my water bottle with me. There was not even an energy bar in the hand bag. 

All that made me more hungry. The sight of  a coffee shop at the bus stop near the subway was very appealing.

A warm coffee was divine! They had this beautiful menu on display with a lot of mouthwatering items.

So, a combo, then the cream filled dough nut along with a medium coffee.

I didn't even look to see how much it cost. Just tapped the credit card and was in a hurry to get the food.

The total spending for a tired evening was $15, along with many extra un wanted calories.

It might happened to you too, right? Or am I alone in this kind of buying?

When entering those spending on the spread sheet, I didn't feel the same divine blessing of that coffee. I felt like I was a fool. 
I was thinking hard on how to avoid those kind of traps. There are chances that we can get really tired and the brain will be cloudy with the thought of food. 

I decided to make an effort to have a small container with seeds, nuts and dry fruits to carry with me. It can be in the bag all the time. If I cannot carry water, I will buy coffee or juice. Most of the time, I can have a bottle of water with me, I found out. 

The next time, if I am going to have a long day, I will have some fresh fruits like an apple or something. 

Once the killing hunger is taken care off, I can buy things with my clear mind. 

What is your strategy to prevent the unnecessary spendings like this?


  1. I found myself spending a lot on candy and snacks at work because I didn't make time to eat a proper dinner before my evening shifts. I started either eating more before leaving or bringing a little baggy of bread, popcorn or nuts to snack on.

  2. Clearwing, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of bringing your own snacks to work


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