Thursday, 5 May 2016

Orange peel and vinegar story

There are oranges in the fridge. They are sour. So, I searched on the net to find some recipes. 
I peeled oranges and placed in a glass bowl with some sugar. Microwaved for about 15 minutes, turning off in between. The oranges were bubbling and was going to spill in the microwave. So I had to switch off in between. 
Think, I cooked for long: the resulting product was hard candy like, when cooled. Any way, it didn't last long in the kitchen. All was eaten up some how. (It was yummy though).
While looking for those orange recipes, I stumbled on this cool idea of making orange infused vinegar. So, I am going to try that.

Here it is! I placed peels of 3 oranges in a glass bottle. Then covered it with white vinegar. Let us see how it is going to turn out. Think, it will take a couple of weeks to be ready. 

I will let you know how it turns out. 
Since my counter tops are granite, I cannot use vinegar to clean it. But mirrors and bathtub will be fine. 

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