Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Persistence and financial freedom

Some times it is good to have TV. Otherwise I was not going to learn about Maria Toorpakai. I saw her on CBC , giving an interview. That made me wanted to read the book "A Different Kind of Daughter".

She was born in the tribal areas of Pakistan ,where girls were kept behind veils and inside house. Without any freedom to learn or do sports life of being a female was very hard. The book tells us how she overcame all those restrictions and became world famous squash player living in Toronto.

 She is not as famous as Malala, yet another girl who fought against Taliban to make her way to freedom.

The book made me cry several times. The amazing journey she took to get freedom to just play sport.... It is the story of being persistent. It is the story of keep going without surrendering to fear.

If Maria Toorpakai can found her freedom I can find my own financial independence. In Canada, I have the freedom to learn. I have the freedom to work. I have the freedom to save money. I have the freedom to get sun and wind on my skin. I have the freedom to cover myself from head to toe. I also do have the freedom to bare my chest and walk in public. 

The lesson we all have to take from Maria is to have persistence and never stop working towards our goals. 

In a country like Canada, with a lot of freedom and riches, why we have to be slaves to our debts?

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