Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Can you wait ?

I read that spraying a little bit of soapy water on dirty dishes make the cleaning easy. There goes a light bulb on my frugal brain!!!!
Think of combining dish soap with water. What it really does is stretching the dish washing liquid, right? 
By spraying it on the dishes, I can make it last longer instead of pumping it on the scrubbing sponge.  Haha... great idea. 
Now, all I want is a spray bottle. Immediately I thought about buying one from the Dollar shop. Then as usual I put it on my shopping list. 
Then by the weekend , after being to several places to buy all the groceries and other urgent things, hubby  was tired. So, the dollar shop was postponed to another day. Then at home, I decided to purge some of the things to create room. 
There they are: one spray bottle with little bit of Windex and another one of finished fabric softener. 
The fabric softener bottle has a cute pink colour. I cleaned it out to use as my dish soap sprayer.  It works perfectly!!!!
Used up the windex to clean the mirrors and and the glass ceramic stove top. Now, that one is available for my frugal shower cleaner.

We always heard about waiting before making a big purchase and using what you have. It turned out even small purchases can wait for a couple of hours. May be we can find creative ideas within that time. I am happy that I am not putting two  plastic bottles out for the world to deal with and the few bucks being still in my purse. 

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