Monday, 20 June 2016

Canadian dividend ETF CDZ

I was thinking of investing in some ETF, which can pay monthly dividend. The quest brought the name CDZ. While I do not know why it is named with those particular letters, I came to know the dividends are paid monthly.

My search on Google led me to this article on Canadian Couch Potato , dated way back to 2010. The biggest change happened to CDZ is the ownership change from Claymore to iShares. In 2012, BlackRock bought Claymore investments. But, there was no name change to this one. 
BlackRock website says it all: S&P/TSX Candain dividend aristocrat etf. The main holding sectors  are Financial, energy and industrial.

The top holdings are Russel Metals inc, Corus Entertainment Inc, Northern Apartment Real Estate Inc, Gibson energy etc. None of them are included in any of my other investments either. 

MER is 0.66% and Management fee is 0.6%.

When I checked the list of all holdings, i can see all of the Canadian big banks are included by CDZ.  It also holds Bell, Tellus and Shaw communications. In that way, I guess, there are no problems for the dividends. 

Google also gave me the 52 weeks high price: $26.10. I can see it is trading just a bit below that price at present. 

I am going to watch this one along with another ETF from iShares: XDV. I can see that both are having big banks. So, if i am going to have both, I  will have some overlapping. Both are paying monthly dividends.  
Will you be investing in both? Or you will go with one? Love to see your thoughts.

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