Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fun with jam making

Jam is one of the ingredient for my milk smoothie. I used to get a big bottle of ED Smith strawberry jam/spread from Costco. To me the price was right: until recently. Till my hubby lost his job, to be exact.
This small family was living with much less. Jam was a luxury. Then in this mild winter, I found cranberries at Real Canadian Superstore( think, in February). Can you imagine that? The price was like $0.99 for a bag of 1 pound. I got two. Hbubby was wondering what I was up to till he saw the cranberry sauce in the fridge. It lasted for about two months.

He got a new job now. We can indulge in a few luxuries like take outs.  Wow!!! don't I feel richer? 

But I really got hooked with Mr.Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme. So, I really want to reduce my impulse spendings. If something is priced not to my likings, I have to think of alternatives. 

So, when the big bottle of jam is over $6 at Costco, I started thinking of alternatives. I can have frozen strawberries in my smoothie. Then why not jam from frozen strawberries???

That is what I tried. Wrote the recipe while making it.

Frozen Strawberry, Banana and Orange Jam

3 cups frozen whole strawberries
1.25 cups of sugar
2 over ripened bananas
2 oranges
1teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

I put the strawberries in the microwave for about 2 minutes to defrost. Then put them on stove top on low heat. When they started to get soften, added the mashed bananas and chopped oranges.(no orange skin or pips). 
When it started boiling, added sugar, all the while stirring constantly.  I got the strong banana smell. That is why I added the lemon juice and vanilla essence. 
I was stirring it very often to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pan. When it was like thickened, I stitch off the stove. Poured in the sterilized jar. It is a pint I assume. 
By sterilized jar, what I meant is washed the bottles in the dishwasher ( I run the full cycle including drying). 

Modifications in mind

Adding more oranges in the future or reducing banana to just one. Have to try with just one cup or less sugar.  Will try to add a grated piece of ginger. Why not add one apple too?

Buy fruits when they are cheap and freeze them.

Good to know

2.5 kg of frozen strawberries costs about $12. 
The cyprus oranges were so sour that it was impossible to eat them. So freeze those ones, if they make it home again.

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