Monday, 27 June 2016

How to improve your bank balance?

Our cultures around the world don't encourage to talk about personal finance openly. Money and your wealth has to be a real secret. 

Most of us can be caught on saying that, I don't have money. That goes with I don't have money to invest, to I don't have money to buy/do this or that. 

When we are living from pay check to pay check, it is difficult to see any money left over. 
The number one thing to improve bank balance is to spend less than what you earn.Yes, there is no other magic to increase your bank balance.

Think about ways to cut your spending on a regular basis. May be it is packing your lunch to work instead of buying every work day. Then once you cut whatever spending, writing it down. That will motivate you to make more changes in life. 
Is your hobby is good and help you make any income? If then, stick to it. If it is just out of control and the money going out is more, then have a hard look. Think of what is important to you. Can you get the same pleasure from your hobby by using less expensive materials? 

Another thing is to remove temptations of spending. I used to go to the mall for fun. Then if I saw a sale item or something that is pretty, i used to buy it and then regret it. So, now a days, I see an item, then give myself a cooling off time before buying. Most of the time, if I am just going to the mall for just fun, I will have only 5 bucks with me. My credit and debit cards will be stashed away at home. That way, I have no other choice than not buying it. 

The next thing to improve bank balance is to pay the bills in time. If you don't pay the credit cards in time, there will be a big interest charge on your purchases. Never ever use the cash checks provided by the credit card companies. 
To do that, you have to stick with the number one rule: spending less than you earn.
Make use of everything you already have. In short, reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. I recycle my yoghurt containers at least one time before throwing out. 

Always remember that financial Independence begins with one dollar saved. Remember, you have to invest your saved money to accumulate more money. 

Hope, the strategies mentioned in this article will help you to improve your bank balance

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