Friday, 10 June 2016

How to survive high gocery price

Now a days, we can feel the price hike on groceries, especially when buying fruits and vegetables. The media is saying it loud, but not suggesting anything to help us.

Our grocery shopping is done by my husband. What he does is buy the veggies and fruits from No Frills or Food Basics. His strategy is to look for items costs $0.99 per pound. There are not many things in that price range anymore. Anyway, our meal planning is based on what he brings home.

We also buy the frozen veggies. Recently I happened to see some blogs suggesting cooking with garbage. You can bake the vegetable peels, according to this one.

There is another idea : to make vegetable stock from the peels. I wash the vegetables carefully before peeling. Then keep the peels and ends pf carrots, zucchini,etc in the freezer. I have a container just for that. When that is full, I boil it on stove top or in a slow cooker. Then sieve and use the broth for soups or to cook rice.

If there is left over steamed veggies, keep them in the freezer to make soup later.

We can try to grow our own vegetables, at least when the weather is warmer. Anybody can try growing celery from scrap. It will not give you much, yet it can give a at least few stems to add in a salad or soup.

In the city, to plant vegetables, we need to buy the soil and fertilizer. Water is not free either. So, using up every part of the vegetables we paid for it is a must.

If I get any fresh produce for a bargain, I buy more. Then a lot of it will go to freezer. Sometimes, we get 10 lb bag of carrots  in the fall cheap. Then we peel them and cut them to keep in the freezer for cooking later. Same goes with leafy veggies, tomatoes, beetroots etc. That way, we can reduce the food waste.

Do you have any other suggestions to survive high veggie prices? Please share them to me.

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