Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June: the middle of the year

June is ending. I am feeling a bit relaxed about it. It being the middle of the year and with good weather, brings happiness.
Even though the year started with a great blow, it gave me a lot of opportunities to try new things.
I tried making bodywash from bar soap. The DIY body wash not finished yet. The shower cleaner was a great success. I will never spend money on buying shower cleaners.

I got lazy in June and didn't write down  how the money was spent.
I know, it is not good.

Finally, this month, I called the bank to cancel the overdraft protection.Talking to the bank rep about cancelling the OD protection made me a little scared. The person told me in case I don't have enough money to pay for my bills, they will charge $45 fee and interest on top of that. I felt bad, but, still decided to stop that service. May be it is a big mistake. But, I am going to take a chance on it.

I still have to find out how much passive income I made this month.  That will be mentioned in one of the upcoming posts.

This weekend is going to be Canada day long weekend. Wish you all a great Canada day!

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