Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday is boring!

Most people are very reluctant to start off Monday. It is the beginning of the next work week. Another long week, if you really hate your job. Is there anything can be done to make it better?

May be trying to find the positive things about the job will be a better beginning. The work is providing the income needed to live the day to day life. So, that is one plus thing: thank god there is work to do.

In my case I don't have a problem with going to work. It is just the blog: Most of the Mondays, I cannot find something to write on the blog. The vinegar story is already told. The dividends earned for last month is already discussed. Now what?

Can I call it writers block? That will be funny: Don't you think so? You and me know my writing is not great. It is just typing some things on a blank page.

I am not anxiously looking for how many +1 the post got on the Google, or the likes on the Facebook. Never mind the Twitter. Those are the platforms help me to find ideas from Financially Independent and frugal people.

Still my Monday feels like lethargic. Guess, this will also pass. I think, there is not much to think of a Monday. To make it better, I am going to say, there is still a work place to go. There are still people coming to get dental treatments. So, there is more opportunities to watch people and especially the mouth.

Oh and I still have to think of what to write for the week.  Now, I feel Monday provided me with some challenges. Challenges to tame the boredom and the blogging block.  By thinking of creating Monday interesting, time is going fast....

What you will be doing when you are bored?

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