Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Nose blowing issues.

We all get it at least one time in an year: the irritating runny-nose accompanied with allergies or common cold. The Kleenex company seems to have the answer to that issue. Their advertisements are targeting the nose blowing issue.

The problem with Kleenex is one piece of paper is too thin to have good nose blowing. I prefer to have minimum two pieces for one blowing. Otherwise I will end up with more gross on my hand.

Many frugal friends love to use handkerchiefs for the job. They argue that the handkerchiefs are washable and can be used several times.  There are kerchiefs available in variety of colours and can be found with beautiful embroidery. With each use , they become softer.

My trouble is washing a snot soaked kerchief. I tried that before. It is not a pleasant thing to do wash it with hands. Washing the handkerchief alone in the washer an option. But, do you really want to run the washer for just for kerchief? Washing up the snot with other clothes feels gross to me.

To keep the expenses down, I would like to go the kerchief option. But, I like to have the comfort of disposable paper. So, I guess, I can cut some old cotton t-shirts in squares for just the runny nose. They are soft on the nose. Since I used them before( to the max as t-shirts),  I would like to throw them out. Or just use the washroom to do a good nose blowing, then wash hands and face and finish with wiping a re-usable handkerchief.

At home DH gets sick more often than I do. He goes hard on his nose to rub off the skin. It is pathetic to see his red traumatized nose. He love my disposable t-shirt hanky to use at home. If he has to be in public, he will take the tissue paper.  He prefer to use toilet paper to wipe the nose instead of tissue paper. (But, you know, he don't like to hold a roll of TP in public.)

Since I don't get sick that often, I am going to continue having the hanky in the handbag, along with few (may be 10 pieces) folded tissues in a ziplock bag.  A small bottle of store brand hand sanitizer is also a great idea not to spread our germs.

So how do you tackle your nose blowing issues?

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