Monday, 13 June 2016

Using up Costco chicken to save money

Many of Costco customers are fans of the rotisserie chicken at Costco. Even though Canadians pay more for it than U.S people, it is still a bargain.

We, the family of two, do not need that much meat for one meal. There will be a lot of leftovers.

so, we created a plan for it. First day, we eat it fresh. Then the rest of the meat will be taken from bones. The bones will be used to make stock. We put the bones along with some veggies in a pot and boil for long time. We put carrots, onions, celery etc. or will use the vegetable peels. Adding fresh, dry or frozen herbs along with some garlic cloves will give more flavours. Once all the vegetables are really cooked, sieve it and keep the broth.

The shredded meat can be added to make a soup. I like to cook potatoes with some spices. Then add some shredded meat to it. That can be one meal. Sometimes I make stir- fried rice with vegetables and add shredded meat to it. I noticed that the chiken from Costco is saltier than other places. So, I prefer to reduce salt in my shredded meat meals.

I found some really cool ideas here.  Who doesn't like the Alfredo sauce from Costco? So make some pasta dishes with that and the rotisserie chicken.
Do you have any other ideas for Costco  rotisserie chicken?

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