Monday, 18 July 2016

A Do Nothing Day

I just happened to have one extra free day last week. So, it was special to do nothing. First i was feeling bad about not working. When I get a day off, either because of my choice or because the dentist not working, I won't get paid.(All dental assistants know this). After the initial disappointment of losing money, I decided to have fun with it.

We decided to have lunch at our friend's shop. Once in a while we visit and give him some business. The food they make is delicious. While waiting for the order to be ready, I just browse through a magazine lying on the table. Interestingly there was an article about how to hang clothes to dry.

I never thought someone might needed advice on hanging clothes. It seems like that can be the subject of an article.
Since the books on hold was available at the library for pick up, I got that too. I was waiting to read "Wealthing Like Rabbits" for some time. Now there is no perfect timing other than this to have it in my hand.

After having a long walk ( about 6 km) in the evening, we had a home made yummy salad for dinner. Then there was some wine too. A box of strawberries felt so luxurious. Then I was thinking of drying the clothes in the machine. But, instead I went to computer and just randomly clicked on Money Mustache blog. There, he was telling to switch off the air conditioner, and to hand clothes to dry and so on.

Aha, now I cannot go and put my  clothes in the dryer. I am really motivated to reduce my energy consumption.

At the end of the day, I got a very relaxing day. Had some fun. The total cost was $25. The memories of the happy moments are going to last longer.

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