Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Easy and Cheap

My family usually shops at No Frills for grocery every week. They have many of the things we usually buy. I like to have some fresh produce from there. Since the shop is very familiar, it is easy to navigate and finish shopping fast. 

They usually have some $0.88 items, like  Bhelpuri. We bought it one time to what is is bhelpuri. It is a mix of some fried things along with peanuts. There are 3 kind of sauces inside. I tried the recipe on the cover one time. Then, went on to experiment with my own.
Cubed a piece of cucumber, chopped some lettuce leaves and added some cubed tomatoes. Then a packet of Bhelpuri and one packet of sauce. I didn't take the fried vermicelli came with the packet. 
Mixed everything together: and there it is, easy and cheap salad. 

I have to figure out what to do with the remaining sauce packets though. They have different flavours. One of them is really spicy. One is sweet. The other is a green one. 

Easy, cheap and healthy food is good for the purse. Do you agree with me?

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