Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Recently bought ETF

Since CIBC is giving commission free trading on ETFs for 25 days, I wanted to take advantage of it. I had $15 in dividends came to one of my accounts, and the other one got around $36. It was just cash, and I wanted to add more to my stash of ETFs.

What you can do with a $15? My interesting pile had one option: buy XEG, the energy stock ETF. If I had to pay commission, it was not enough to buy 1 unit. Good for me, today is supposed to be the last commission free day. Got it for $12.12.

I did buy 1 unit of ZRE in the other account for $20.46.

Since XEG and ZRE both pays dividends, it is good for my personal finance and passive income.
With the motto of saving and investing one dollar at a time to be financially independent, I think, it is possible to reach my destination.

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