Friday, 15 July 2016

What is the point???

I finished work day and walked back to home yesterday. The walk in the late evening was just an enchanting one. The evening sun was casting a golden glow on the surroundings. It was breezy and pleasant. The beggar at the intersection was making the lady driver laugh with his dance. The trees were happily swinging the branches. Birds were eating more whatever they found interesting and were chirping before sun sets.
I was feeling energetic and happy. Ate dinner, had some fun time discussing the funny and happy things of the day. Then i went to bed happily.
The morning while preparing breakfast, we switched on the TV  to just listen. Then everything changed.... There was a deadly attack on France, 84 people dead. The eyewitnesses broken down recalling the events. The videos of the incidents were horrible. Everything changed in my little world.

The below picture I saw on Twitter.

Yes, what is the point of saving? What is the point of working? What is the point of everything I am doing if being alive is in question?

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