Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Will tofu affect my savings?

Tofu is made from soy beans. It is also known as best source of protein. it is cheep and a great vegan food. 

I like to use it in so many ways. Aren't you start wondering how is it going to affect my savings?

Tofu is still cheaper than meet as I am writing this one. Recently Health Canada  approved  that Soy protein helps to reduce cholesterol. This is going to be on the label of tofu packets, probably from September onwards. 

The tofu manufacturers are thinking the demand for tofu is going to be up with this news. 

That makes me wonder, will tofu price going to go up soon? My family has reduced meat purchases already to keep up with the increased grocery costs. Now, an increase in tofu price can make a dent in my savings.  Many marketing experts are thinking, Canadian markets are not going to react big with the new health claim. 
We made a soup like dish with tofu last week. I just blended one onion, few cloves of garlic, a piece of ginger in the blender with some water. Added soft tofu along with it in the blender. Then boiled all together in a pan. Added salt, and curry powder. Then a spoon of yoghurt also added. It tasted great. 

Will you buy more soy products if it reduce cholesterol? What alternative you are thinking of if the price of soy goes up?

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