Sunday, 7 August 2016

July Update: Dividend and blog

Can you believe the half of the 2016 is already over???

It is almost 6 months before I did my first blog post. With above 70 posts, my blog is still going on. Glad to keep the goal on perseverance. 

My combined dividend for RRSP and TFSA for July 2016 is $104.70. That is more than what I earned in June. This month TFSA is the winner. 

How is your DIY personal finance accounts looks like? 

The blog income is just #22.55. That comes with a great surprise, because, I didn't put great effort to market the blog. 
The ads from Chitika is not making anything at all. I might delete that account soon. 

Did you ever tried Chitika with any positive outcome? 

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