Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Lazy Man's Way to riches: a book review.

I heard about a book or two on the personal finance blogs. Then,  being a Torontonian, with access to library, I look for those books in the library. The library helps me to place hold on the books. I will go and pick up the books when they come to my local branch.
Last week, I got six books. Yes, the books all arrived together. Now, I have to choose which one to read first: tough choice!!!

I started with "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches". This one is revised, updated and expanded by Richard Gilly Nixon. The book mentions about a guide book. But, when I checked the website, it is not free to download. 
While searching for the guide book, I stumbled upon the original book in pdf format online. 
This is written based on the theory of auto suggestion. The book gives the idea of Dyna/Psych, to achieve whatever we need to achieve. If you already gone through "Think and Grow Rich", you know what is auto suggestion. 
The idea is to define what we really want to achieve in life. When we really think about it, the idea of having a million may not be the greatest thing we need to achieve. 
The book helped to identify what I truly needed. 
The book describes the tools: Daily declaration, creative self awareness and super suggestion. 
In the original book, Joe Karbo explains about Dyna/Psych in detail. I am not going to spill that out here. 
since I am not really interested in the direct marketing, I did not read about that part of the book. 
If you are interested in writing goals and willing to try auto suggestion, you will love this book. I like the style of writing. It is simple to read and easy to understand. You will find it as a self help book as well as a manual for marketing and copywriting.
Then a little reading about Mr. Karbo made me realize that he was not lazy. He made great fortune by running direct response business. Then he worked as an actor, which was his passion. 

In essence, find out what you really wanted achieve, then work for it. to achieve the great riches, you must read it, Study it, visualize it and Perform it: in short, R.S.V.P.  

Do you think you can be rich by using the methods in this book?

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