Friday, 12 August 2016

Malls and Peronal Finance

We went to the mall yesterday evening.
I know, what is so much to talk about it, right?

I haven't have much chances to go to the mall in this year. Most of the evenings were spent at work. After work, I really wanted to go home and rest. So, when I say, we went to the mall, it is unusual for me and my family. Especially going with the purpose of buying things for me, is a rare thing.

So, with all those background information, I will begin again: We went to the mall yesterday evening. I wanted to buy a top. The Bay was the first choice. At Scarborough Town Center, the Bay is under renovation. But the shop is still open. The things were on display were elegant, stylish and expensive(for me, I think). The T-shiirs with $14 were so dull looking, in  boring colors with words I don't really want on me. The bags, tops, dresses all which I loved to see were priced so high.  Only last year I bought a couple of t-shirts from this shop for less than $20. They are still in good shape. No slogans on them. If I had my real purchase mentality, I would have bought a couple of nice dresses and would have regretted later. Thankful that I was not alone.

A walk in the mall to find another store made us aware of how rich things are there!. People walking in the mall with shopping mall as if they just stepped out of a TV commercial. I was wondering how much they might have spent on the stuff they were holding.

It seems to me that the malls are designed to make us spent and be poor. After settling to a purchase for a $20 top, we walked in the mall, just for the sake of walking. The tempting sale signs, and the pretty store displays were big distraction. I am glad that I have this big goal of financial independence and didn't spent on anything unnecessary. It also proved that how vulnerable I am to the attractive store fronts. The malls can put a real dent in my personal finance goals.

Have you ever felt that way, that the malls are there to rob you off your money? What strategies you will choose to survive the impulse spendings at malls?

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