Friday, 5 August 2016

My take on O"Leary's book

I mentioned in my previous blog post how I ended up with six books to read in 21 days. The second one I read is "Cold Hard Truth On Men,Women and Money" by Kevin O"Leary. 


I knew him from Dragon's Den. But didn't liked his "I am smarter than you" attitude at that time. 

Anyway, I saw the book and decided to give it a try. Really got hooked on the book from the first page itself. The language is simple, yet capturing attention.

From the introduction itself, I know, it is a book for Canadians. When people immigrate, they really didn't understand the credit system here. O'Leary tells us why each person needs to create good credit rating. 

To make the book interesting O'Leary added his own personal stories in it. He mentioned about many money mistakes we tend to make and give fixes for them

He give a no nonsense advice about higher education. I heard many young people going to pursue their passion by choosing liberal arts in university. The book tells us the universities are also businesses. How young people should have plan to make money after the education and pursue their passions too.  
Some things like no wedding rings and flowers for your wedding may be not for every one. But, why you should accumulate debt just to get married? 

His suggestion of not having more than 20% in one type of investment, including real estate may be hard. Especially in the hot hot real estate market, it is hard to keep the investment on the house lesser than 20%. 

O'Leary is not forgetting anything about money in this book. He talks about retirement, long term care, and funeral expenses. 

To me it is a great book about money. I am sure we all will find at least some bits of information very useful in life from the book. Even though, you don't like Mr.O'Leary on TV, you should read this book. 

Thos of you who gone though the book, what you think of it?

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