Friday, 30 September 2016

Saving time and money while sleeping

Can we really do that? Save money and get works done when sleeping? Turns out, there is a way, when that comes to household chores.

Living in Ontario means paying higher rate for electricity usage. while looking on the off peak time, I came to know that in summer and winter, 7pm to 7am is the off peak hours.

Now, I have to find a way to do most of my heavy works like doing laundry during that time.

So I figured out, I can load my washing machine at night and make it work when I am sleeping. Same goes with the dishwasher.

Being a new mustachian, I like to air dry my clothes. In the morning, I hang the clothes on the clothes line. 

Sometimes, because of the morning rush, I forget to hang the clothes. To help me, my smart phone has a calendar. all i have to do is put a note on the calendar, morning 7 I need to hang clothes. That is scheduled and the phone will remind me.

Cooking is mostly done before 7 am on weekdays. Then Sunday, we cook a lot to keep in the fridge. That way, we always have something to eat and prevent the urge to eat out.

What other things can be done to reduce spending?

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What Millionaire thinks

Anybody who wants to be rich really want to know, how a millionaire became one. We are all curious to know what is the secret of being rich.

Is there a secret?
So, I read books like "Think and Grow Rich", "Millionaire Next Door", "The Secret" and so many other books. Recently, I wrote about the book "Instant millionaire". It is a fictional type of book. I loved Mark Fisher's writing style. So, I found another book by him "How to Think Like a Millionaire".

The book is really small. The book reveals that there is no secret or shortcuts to be rich. By putting a captivating heading, he was able to sell many copies of this book.

There is nothing new in the book comparing to "Think and Grow Rich" . The auto suggestion s are renamed as affirmations. That is all.
How Obama became the first black president of America? He decided to run for president and just followed through. There were other people, like Mitt Romney, who also followed through the decision, and failed. I don't know what type of thinking made the difference.
Do the affirmations make a difference? Saying "Every day in every way I am getting better and better" can make us happy and help to forget the failures. I can see that I am doing my work more efficiently than five years before. That came with the conscious effort to get things done faster and efficiently. 

Since I made the decision to start investing, and started to really do save and invest, I can see that there is slight increase in my income. There is a conscious effort to save money. I can see more money related blogs coming in my way. I can see that i know bit more about money than last year. 

So, I guess, the secret is to having that desire to get what we really want, and take one step at a time to get there. If we aim to reach the Sun, we may be able to reach the moon at least. 

Do any of you think there is a secret way millionaires think?

Monday, 26 September 2016

What is wrong with the fall?

Fall is the season of colors. It is the season preparing us for the winter...
It is preparing us to be ready for the cold of winter.
But still I have troubles with this season.

I don't like to feel cold. Then, you cannot wear the sweater yet: because it is not cold enough to have a sweater.

Most buildings will still the air-conditioning switched on. It makes me feel so cold inside. So I need to pack a sweater all the time.

Then the days are getting shorter. It gets darker early, and the nights are longer. The cool mornings makes me feel to curl in the bed more. That creates the mornings miserable. The cooking, cleaning, running out of the home to work... You know the drill.

The cooler weather and the cloudy days makes me feel hungry for the sugary crunchy snacks.Not great for my body and purse. The fruits and veggies are available plenty at cheaper price. I have to force myself to make and eat a salad.

Oh, this fall is not good for my finance at all...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fashion and Finance

Keeping up with the newest fashion may not be great for your finance. May be you can keep up the new trends and keep your money too.

How can that be possible?

The trendy pieces are not priced low. A little creativity and time can help up to do that. We can carefully search the thrift stores to find those right pieces. Cosmetics can be found cheaper too. Adjust the jewelries to suit with the outfit and can have your own style.

With the help of internet DIY tricks, you might be able to make hoes in your jeans to get that look.

Those are all personal choices.

But the real fashion in finance is still money in the bank. Do you agree with me?

Monday, 19 September 2016

Charity t-shirts are good for Financial independence

I don't go to fund raising events. I never participated in any of such events. So, how the charity t-shirts are helping me to be financially independent? I will tell you.

Now, my dear kid (now an adult in university), brings home a number of T shirts, with different logos on them. You know the university students and their devotion for some of the causes. Most of them given to her free to wear and volunteer. 
So, the problem is some of the shirts she got are too big for her. There is this white one for green living, printed with green slogan. 

Me being frugal, I love to have them to be used. So, some are forced on to hubby to be used at home. 

I like to wear long sleeve shirts under the scrub top while working. Almost all of the charity shirts are short sleeve and cheap material. 

So, I wear them while going for summer walks or at home. Why should I buy short sleeves just for the summer, right?

Those shirts are great for layering up in Canadian winters, aren't they? 
Some can be used for the painting and other messy work for kids. Then, I like to paint on my shirts too. So, with some fabric paint, I can mask the slogans I don't like to show off.( You can use the acrylic paints from dollar store too)

Sometimes we get the summer hats free from companies as promotional items. I usually use my craft skills to cover the logo and make the hats funky. Same goes with the nice colour free t-shirts too. 

If there is a choice, I don't want to buy the charity shirts, bracelets etc. I would just to donate the money to my causes.  But, if they made their way to home, I will use them all the way and finally they will become washable rags. 

In our home, we like to reduce the spending to be financially independent while saving the environment.

Friday, 16 September 2016

What the Instant Millionaire taught me

The book Instant Millionaire is written by Mark Fisher. 
It is available as audio book in Toronto public library. 
The book tells us a very nice story. It is very interesting to listen to. 
a young man who is not getting anywhere with his work and finances is getting advice from a mentor suggested by his uncle.
In the story the mentor teaches the young man about power of affirmations. Yes, we learned about the power of sub-conscious mind from Napoleon Hill: remember "Think and Grow Rich"?

the book teaches the young man about having bigger goals. The mentor teaches him to ask for help. The universe is ready to give and all we need is to ask.

The other point is to have a positive attitude. The instant millionaire strongly suggests your goal should not affect other people negatively. 

What I really like to use from this book is to use affirmations. 

The simplest one mentioned in the book is "Everyday in every way i am getting better and better"

Will you use the written goal to be wealthy as suggested by the book?

I really have to experiment with that one. Because, the book says you need not to have a clear cut idea to have wealth, but should have a definite amount in mind.

Anybody going to try this?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Slowing down is good for peronal finance

The days are slowing down,
Night comes early and the leaves are changing color. 
I really tried to work all possible hours... I thought it might bring me closer to my financial independence. 

What it really did was making me more cranky, less rested and stressed out bitch.

Then I could see myself spending more and more... 

>No time to hang the clothes to dry, so why not use the dryer?

>No time to cook the food, so buy lunch today?

> It is easier if i have more work clothes, right?

> I am tired, why not take bus to work?

The spending was getting out of control. So, I am slowing down with work. 

More to reading, frugality and mindful living. 

Friday, 9 September 2016

August passive income

It is already September. School started and the weather is changing. Days are getting shorter too. 
time to check the passive income received in August:
It was lesser comparing to July
RRSP got $39 and TFSA got $26.
So the total passive income for August is $65. The blog income is not changed. It is still $22.55. Yes, the AdSense sucks!