Monday, 19 September 2016

Charity t-shirts are good for Financial independence

I don't go to fund raising events. I never participated in any of such events. So, how the charity t-shirts are helping me to be financially independent? I will tell you.

Now, my dear kid (now an adult in university), brings home a number of T shirts, with different logos on them. You know the university students and their devotion for some of the causes. Most of them given to her free to wear and volunteer. 
So, the problem is some of the shirts she got are too big for her. There is this white one for green living, printed with green slogan. 

Me being frugal, I love to have them to be used. So, some are forced on to hubby to be used at home. 

I like to wear long sleeve shirts under the scrub top while working. Almost all of the charity shirts are short sleeve and cheap material. 

So, I wear them while going for summer walks or at home. Why should I buy short sleeves just for the summer, right?

Those shirts are great for layering up in Canadian winters, aren't they? 
Some can be used for the painting and other messy work for kids. Then, I like to paint on my shirts too. So, with some fabric paint, I can mask the slogans I don't like to show off.( You can use the acrylic paints from dollar store too)

Sometimes we get the summer hats free from companies as promotional items. I usually use my craft skills to cover the logo and make the hats funky. Same goes with the nice colour free t-shirts too. 

If there is a choice, I don't want to buy the charity shirts, bracelets etc. I would just to donate the money to my causes.  But, if they made their way to home, I will use them all the way and finally they will become washable rags. 

In our home, we like to reduce the spending to be financially independent while saving the environment.

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