Friday, 30 September 2016

Saving time and money while sleeping

Can we really do that? Save money and get works done when sleeping? Turns out, there is a way, when that comes to household chores.

Living in Ontario means paying higher rate for electricity usage. while looking on the off peak time, I came to know that in summer and winter, 7pm to 7am is the off peak hours.

Now, I have to find a way to do most of my heavy works like doing laundry during that time.

So I figured out, I can load my washing machine at night and make it work when I am sleeping. Same goes with the dishwasher.

Being a new mustachian, I like to air dry my clothes. In the morning, I hang the clothes on the clothes line. 

Sometimes, because of the morning rush, I forget to hang the clothes. To help me, my smart phone has a calendar. all i have to do is put a note on the calendar, morning 7 I need to hang clothes. That is scheduled and the phone will remind me.

Cooking is mostly done before 7 am on weekdays. Then Sunday, we cook a lot to keep in the fridge. That way, we always have something to eat and prevent the urge to eat out.

What other things can be done to reduce spending?

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