Friday, 16 September 2016

What the Instant Millionaire taught me

The book Instant Millionaire is written by Mark Fisher. 
It is available as audio book in Toronto public library. 
The book tells us a very nice story. It is very interesting to listen to. 
a young man who is not getting anywhere with his work and finances is getting advice from a mentor suggested by his uncle.
In the story the mentor teaches the young man about power of affirmations. Yes, we learned about the power of sub-conscious mind from Napoleon Hill: remember "Think and Grow Rich"?

the book teaches the young man about having bigger goals. The mentor teaches him to ask for help. The universe is ready to give and all we need is to ask.

The other point is to have a positive attitude. The instant millionaire strongly suggests your goal should not affect other people negatively. 

What I really like to use from this book is to use affirmations. 

The simplest one mentioned in the book is "Everyday in every way i am getting better and better"

Will you use the written goal to be wealthy as suggested by the book?

I really have to experiment with that one. Because, the book says you need not to have a clear cut idea to have wealth, but should have a definite amount in mind.

Anybody going to try this?

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