Monday, 26 September 2016

What is wrong with the fall?

Fall is the season of colors. It is the season preparing us for the winter...
It is preparing us to be ready for the cold of winter.
But still I have troubles with this season.

I don't like to feel cold. Then, you cannot wear the sweater yet: because it is not cold enough to have a sweater.

Most buildings will still the air-conditioning switched on. It makes me feel so cold inside. So I need to pack a sweater all the time.

Then the days are getting shorter. It gets darker early, and the nights are longer. The cool mornings makes me feel to curl in the bed more. That creates the mornings miserable. The cooking, cleaning, running out of the home to work... You know the drill.

The cooler weather and the cloudy days makes me feel hungry for the sugary crunchy snacks.Not great for my body and purse. The fruits and veggies are available plenty at cheaper price. I have to force myself to make and eat a salad.

Oh, this fall is not good for my finance at all...

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