Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Frugal Mistake

Dear visitor,
Hope you are doing frugally well and on your way to financial independence.
I am a fan of Mr.money Mustache. After discovering that blog in 2016, I followed many of his ideas. 

The main tip from his blog is to line dry clothes and use the car less. I do not drive. So, using public transportation is my way. Usually hubs pick me up from work. But, I either walk or bus to work. 
Last week, life got way too busy. I found myself drying clothes in the dryer. I used the dishwasher more times than ever last week. 
While thinking about the last week, I really feel guilty. 

If only I was doing a bit of planning, I could have line dry the clothes.  The dishwasher need not to be turned on for few dishes. 

But, sometimes we need to give ourselves a break too, right? We have to be freed from our regular chores sometimes.

So, what is your recent  frugal mistake? 

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  1. Hi Pellrider! I've been hard on myself too this week and your post made me realize that forgiveness is important and learning from our mistakes is the only way to move forward. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Diane Lynn . We really have to forgive ourselves and try not to make those mistakes again.

  2. My frugal mistake was forgetting that I had reached 95% of my cell phone data and I ended up paying an extra $8 on my phone bill this month. Grrrrrrr.

    1. I can set a limit on cell phone data limit and it is a bit lower than my actual data limit. So, phone will remind me the set limit is reached. Check your phone's settings to see if you can set it up.


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